The Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles

by psalters

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released June 14, 2006



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


psalters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Hosanna
Holy, holy, holy Lord,
God of power and might,
heaven and earth are
full of Your glory [2x]

Hosanna in the highest,
blessed is He who comes
in the name of the Lord. [3x]


oh is it true that songs can do what bombs have always missed?
to strike the lips of power that all men have longed to kiss
that all may know if You don't save than everything is lost
Your road map to freedom is from infancy to cross

no rock will bear my load, i'll cry out loud with in my time
a battle cry against this world
"God help me!" is the line
and as i rush upon the field i know i may fall slain
but i would rather fight and die than live my life in vain
Track Name: Scarf Dance
Gye nyame (akan)
["fear none but God"]

My peace I leave with you
Not as the world gives
Let us offer each other a sign of peace

Take this scarf
Form an unbroken circle
Lashed with the rags
Of united resistance

That we may stand
When the day of evil comes

For we fear none but God
Track Name: Ol' Glory
the killing fields are striped with red...white lies in between. While on that placid blue they float like islands safe from all the sowed beneath. High above, high above that poor man's toil they lay in sacred isolation. Safely placed in rows they are stars of self-preservation.
on Good Friday...on Good Friday
all that Glory.....all that Ol' Glory
in that corner sea serene 50 stars line up against You
flying high but they will sink "with the weight of a heavy mill stone"
no man is an island no man can run from all they've done
in that deep blue they'll sink...50 stars never to see the Son
while on Good Friday...
those red stripes are carved into Your back
on Good Friday...
those stars spangled Your body blue and black
on Good Friday...
those stars and stripes are torn in two
and all that glory...all that Ol' Glory belongs alone to You!
on Good Friday...on Good Friday
all that Glory....all that Ol' Glory belongs alone to You!
Track Name: Dumpster Divers
Come now and join the feast
From the greatest to the very least
Come now and join the feast
Right here in the belly of the beast

Cops and soldiers you can come too -
Lay down your guns and c'mon thru
Rich people get rid of your stuff
Poor people there will be enough

Mighty ones come down from your thrones
Little ones you will not be alone

Lazy man come to the table
Make some food for those who ain't able
Pretty winner swallow your pride

Drink the ugly loser who for all died
Make sure everyone gets some
Then we'll see the kingdom...
Track Name: Amal
She stood she stood strong she did not run
She remained
And while i bowed and ran she just grabbed my hand with a smile on her face as the bombs rained.
She stood she stared deep in my eyes and said 'do not be afraid it will be okay'

Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. (4x)

It was her birthday today and she refused to bow to the smart violence swarming,
I stood & stared in shock & awe at the hope no violence could tame

Her name is, her name is, her name is (3x)
Her name is Amal.
Track Name: sword
Oh if you have an ear then hear God alone wise and true
Tho' all be found liars in this merchantful abyss
Reject the dragon's billboards, false christs false hopes away
God pulls our wrists out from history's razor blade
The fists of manifestos quietly fall in line
This present age, it roars...the contents the same: conform

O Bride be dressed in readiness
Your Beloved's near the door and
You will lack nothing if armed with your sword

Spirit blade to pierce the throat of the blasphemous beast
Stare in its light, eternal propaganda cease

Dance until this world's white dress falls off by His mercy
And in the early hours of the morn, exposed to the Word - transform!

O Lover, know the scroll is not itself the bread of life
Reveals Him called Faithful and True on a white horse rides

With justice and eyes of fire "from His mouth comes a Sword" says a voice
"To strike the nations down be glad and rejoice!"
The Spirit and the bride, they cry
"Come Alpha and Omega, wound us with longing more, God, Living Word, our Lord"
Track Name: psalm 6
Be gracious to me for I'm falling away
Heal me oh Lord for my bones are dismayed

And my soul is greatly dismayed
& my soul is greatly dismayed

Oh Lord how long Lord
Oh Lord how long Lord

Return and rescue my soul
Track Name: Mysterium Fidei
Christ has died
Christ is risen
Christ will come again
Track Name: Momamic
His step is fallin' hard tonight.
Eve has long broken, cold black fell open,
Shine burns through fog we sought for shelter from that light.
It's time we eat that dust up and take it in.
It's where we come from, where we're goin', where we sin.
We're the boots put us on tie us up,
You're the Feet, You're the Blood, we're the cup runneth over, runneth over me.

The cold moon is looking down on me
It shines my crooked face, my wretched bones, my losing race.
There's no escape, these cruel eyes of stone.
Alone alone alone with that cold moon.
Oh Lord oh Lord oh Lord You said You were comin soon

Good God it's You we love yeah.
Good God look up above, there we are smiling down on You

Step in me, fill me up, we're the boots, we're the cup runneth over, runneth over me

Save us from all we've done with the blood of our Father's Son
Until that moon turns blood red, until my wretched face has gone and fled,
Until that moon is washed anew, until these bones can rest again with You...with You...with You.
Track Name: Trisagion
Agios O Theos
Agios Eschiros
Agios Athanatos Eliason Imas
Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal
Have mercy upon us
Track Name: Creed
I believe in God the Father Almighty
Maker of heaven and earth
And in Jesus Christ His only Son, our Lord
Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost

Born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate
Was crucified dead & buried
He descended into Hell

On the third day He rose again from the dead
He ascended into heaven sitteth on the right hand of God, the Father Almighty
From thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead

I believe in the Holy Ghost the Holy catholic church, the communion of saints, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body. and in the life everlasting amen, AMEN
Track Name: Gloria
Glory to God in the highest, peace to His people on earth
Glory to God on His throne, His vengenance is merciful

To His weeping children He gives a mother's comfort
Who denies His hand He gives bitterest rebuke

His wings are a refuge for all those who run to Him
His voice will shatter shelters of man

Praise God who brings deliv'ry, Praise God who shuts the womb

He vindicates the little ones and gives worth to their suffering
The rich man's bones will scatter he carries nothing with him
He holds the outcasts' hands His nearness is life
God will break the arms of peace-talkers with hearts of war
Track Name: Rich man and afghanisthan
I had my good things you had your bad
My skin stayed sterile to the sores you had (Lord have mercy…)
I distracted my eyes so your Image wouldn't last
I didn't hear the prophets cuz i was talking too fast
Now my tongues dryin up like i'm the "rich man"
Smell smoke start to choke…it's approaching fast
I'll come to Lazarus now before i can't pass (Lord have mercy on me a sinner)
"it wasn't me" they said as the missiles sped at houses they fled while afghanistan bled
"it wasn't me" i said as i sat well fed the newspaper read they've but grass for bread
And we eat ourselves to death
Track Name: Badlands
Lighting struck, Your presence woke us up
You said, "follow into the night"
Rain quit, moon lit vast plains ahead
And in this vision we know ourselves small
Sun rose on the stones, many shades of light
The wind was now our guide it led us to the height
At the edge of the cliff all idle chatter quit
Now with our lives at risk we finally exist
You gave freely, met our needs, cut our hands from
Things and from our veins flowed life giving streams
Onward along the ridge together, breaking bread and glad
With all we saw, we were in awe

Ghost town sheriff put us behind the wall, he don't like
The look of folks in awe
Phantom preacher said, "you outlaws confess"
And we said "yes, we are in awe!"
Said they'd feed us to the birds, we heard the crows caw
But you can't capture wind and you can't control awe

We were in awe
(Glad with all we saw, we were in awe)
Angel made a jail break said go
And walk this land & be in awe
You must obey God
Rather than man if you're in awe
Angel made a jail break said go & walk this land & be in awe
You must obey God rather than man if you're in awe
Track Name: Dig it up
Dust and mud comin through my pores, can't find God in the department stores
So I hit the road with a shovel and a song, see if i can dig it up before I'm gone

Here comes Jesus come to free us, hear poor Wall Street crashin' at His feet

Dig it up, keep on movin', dig it up, dig it up, walk on

Can only take fence sitting for so long, circulation loss says my heart was wrong
I once was lost but now I'm found, and everything meaningful is underground

Big shiny advertisements all around my eyes
Can't wait to see my Lord tear a hole in the skies
All their wealthy gods promised me freedom
But a middle-eastern hobo is the one who made it come

Their tall glass towers giving a finger to God
Makes Him think it's time to pull out that punishing rod
Destruction or deliverance, how's it gonna end?
Sometimes you gotta knock it down, so it can be born again
Track Name: All Who Are Weary
The crowd has gone away
Family went home to stay
The good christians gave their last prayers
As old friends offered one last solemn stare

We walk the dirt and stone
It is the land of a refugee alone
Forgotten men on long forgotten roads
So far to go so few to share the load

Everyone has come and gone
But the road is still a thousand miles long
And the worst for most is my very best

"come to Me all you weary and I will give you rest"

The patrons left the carnival
The sight seers seen their last sights
The mourners all cried and went
And the new dawn has given way tonight

Everyone has come and gone
But the road is still a thousand miles long
And the worst for most is my very best

Come to Me all you weary,
And I will give you rest.
One more step, one more step,
To my love, to my rest. rest.
Track Name: Train De Vie
father abraham was called out to move.
coventant made, there was blood in the groove.
story began spaning ages through,
when the word came, story became true.

Lord your people sojourners all Train de Vie!
One more echo 'n th' eternal song 'f our hope & our love Train de Vie!
Empires gripping, diesel slipping, thru it's fingers Train de Vie!
Underground weeds grow up through the cracks 'n th' concrete TRAIN DE VIE! [4x]

scattered church all parts of earth roaming
not conforming to this age or it's kings
they pass away but on we sing
pilgrim songs of hope incarnating

locomotion, weak foundation, foolish notion - t.d.v.!
the fool is saying better things it's insane wisdom - t.d.v.!
rouse us, spur us, incite exodus, Lord ignite the - t.d.v.!
via maris, via terra, via highway - t.d.v.!

not just a movement, we were meant to move
it's our blood and our life, we're called out too
in the midst of death camp stories share life
but the pages must wake, now is the time

rouse us, spur us, incite exodus, Lord ignite the - t.d.v.!
via marris, via terra, via highway, t.d.v.!
Pillar of Fire and Cloud - t.d.v.!
tear our weak foundations down - t.d.v.!