Inside an Evil Axis

by psalters

Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me america how sweet the sound of your spine broken on the ground. empire to make all others blush....Amazing Grace when we are crushed. within that spine now underground...a new seed planted a new hope found. cry loudly for the Son will bring Justice will bring Revolution....You are the. we are the kings of these united nations...the children bear the cross of our corporate manipulation...we kill their children and we lie to ours.... both shall rise up for their's is the Revolution...You are the....Revolution..You are the only One....Revolution Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me
(the Revolution is Hope...Fresh Breath, peppermint) give me a reason to run again, give me a reason to dream again, give me a reason to breathe again..give me a reason to ...Hope..... You are the reason to run, dream, breathe...Hope..... i see the blue the pain, i see the blue the pain...i see ....i see the blue, the pain..and it is peppermint. hope!
This enchanted rainy night running to meet You through the thick fog, trees of people....i run....out in the streets ...turn face to headlight...memory flashes as Your presence crashes through me...oh this rainy night semi highway face to face You're too much but that's good me over with Love run onto Your highway run into Your way running face to into me!
why don't you tear your eyes out of your sockets and throw them back through like two smart rockets, down your insides of decay, then out your ass to see the shit you made. mighty Love roll down like thunder, crush the heads of greedy plunder
while i kept silent my bones grew old my vitality turned into the summer drought. When Your hand was heavy upon me i acknowledged my sin to You i said, "i confess to the Lord". You are my hiding place you shall preserve me from trouble...surrounding me with songs of deliverance. The best part is that you forgave me...just for that i will always praise You while You may be found. You said "i will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go, I will guide you with my eye, I will guide you with my eye". We that trust in the Lord mercy shall surround us, be glad in the Lord, rejoice! and shout for joy!


this album is a scratch demo mess. We recorded, mixed, printed and wrote most of it all in two weeks after our trip to Iraq in order to have something to offer on our tour in July 2002. Most of our recorded music is quite messy...but this one is really uncomfortable to make available publicly. On the other hand it tells such an important story and captures an important time for psalters as here it is to listen to if you like.


released July 4, 2002




psalters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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